An office designed with mediation in mind.

Mediation is an increasingly popular form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) aimed at limiting the time, money, and energy parties invest into cases that present the possibility for settlement.  Since 2015, the South Carolina Supreme Court has mandated mediation for civil cases filed in the state of South Carolina.

Mediation is conducted by a mediator, an experienced attorney who serves as a neutral third party to assist the disputants as they attempt to arrive at a fair resolution. The mediator leverages his experience to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the disputants’ positions and provides them with realistic scenarios for the case’s resolution. Unlike a judge, the mediator cannot force a resolution on the disputants; the decision to settle or continue the case remains in their hands, not the mediator’s.  

Greg Studemeyer has accumulated a wealth of experience in analyzing and explaining legal disputes over his nearly 40 year legal career in South Carolina. As a South Carolina Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Greg is qualified to serve as mediator in matters ranging from civil litigation and contract disputes to probate court disputes. Greg employs a measured approach to encourage candor and frank communication between parties, encouraging settlement where it appears realistic and acknowledging where it does not.

The Studemeyer Law Firm’s office was designed to provide a comfortable and convenient forum for mediation. If you are looking for an experienced mediator to conduct your next mediation, please contact our firm for details.

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